Doodles and drawings

Some doodles from the past few months. The first drawing in this group is based on a photo of of MR with her late Istanbul street cat, Batu Macchu Picchu (huzur içinde yatsın).


Photo walk: abandoned house edition

After dropping books off at the public library last week, I thought I would take a walk down to Dumbarton Oaks, an extremely picturesque area of Georgetown with a lovely park, and take a swing on the swingset. However, a golden-glowing, gingko-leave-strewn sidestreet drew me in. After admiring the leaves I turned down an alley, where I was surprised to find…

…a completely vacant lot with an abandoned two-story brick house, a weedy backyard, and a collapsing garage. A surprising sight in the heart of rich, high-end Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Dilapidated, mossy, viney, garbage-strewn, dropping gutters, windows falling in, overturned potted plants, rusted metal junk, plastic bags, cans, and a discarded Christmas tree–I was intrigued.

The adjoining garage attracted my attention. When I peeked through a hole in its decaying wooden door, I was surprised to find…

… something staring back at me!

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Photo walks: Meditate and create

The world is so full of a number of things,
I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.
–Robert Louis Stevenson, “Happy Thought” (From A Child’s Garden of Verses)

Photo walks are when I pick up my camera, take a walk to some familiar place, and go looking for photos. I have done it for years now–my first photo-walk photos were taken on a camera that stored the pics on floppy disks. The photos I take on these walks have never been spectacular, just glimpses of ordinary things that seem extraordinary at the time, such as a crane resting on the river, or the reflection of leaves on a windowpane…

A childish imp with rusty fingers….

A lavender and green ladder of flowers to the sky…

The shape and rhythm of raindrops sprinkling the canal…

The dancing speckled emerald glow of sunlight filtering through wind-kissed leaves…

Balloons mimicking the sky and puffy white clouds…

And lots of other little, ordinary things.

Photos are not the purposes of a photo walk but a mean to the ends of reconnecting with my past, getting in touch with my environment, rekindling my creative juices, and meditating. The camera is just an excuse to reflect on my environment and exercise my creative eye.

The best part is that during and after one of these walks, my mind feels extraordinarily clear, calm, and peaceful. I highly recommend you create your own ritual that helps you meditate and create.

All photos by: Me