Bazen yalnızca fıncana odaklanarak, içindeki kahvenin zevkini çıkarmayı unutabılıyoruz.

Sometimes by only focusing on the cup, we can forget to enjoy the coffee inside.

–Turkish saying

I don’t know if that’s actually a Turkish “saying,” but it appeared in my homework and seemed sage.

A note for readers: as I am back in real school for the first time since starting this blog, I can no longer promise regular substantive updates such as drawings and essays and the like. But I am reading lots of interesting things and often have an urge to share bits and pieces of them with somebody, along with nifty and semi-relevant photography, so that is what I will be doing here on a regular basis… At least until I get back to Turkey this summer and find a little more freedom and a lot more creative inspiration.


Photo source: Tumblr


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