Life update

Sunset in Antalya, Turkey

The peak of St. Hilarion, a monastery and Byzantine fortification in Kyrenia mountain range near Girne, Cyprus

The last month has been academically, physically, and interpersonally challenging: illness, homework, drama, a demanding travel schedule, and–in a particularly uncreative plot twist–an ATM eating my bank card and leaving me parasız. But I have had plenty of support and am back on my feet to continue scaling this mountain. It’s amazing what simply asking for a little help can do.

No matter what, I am satisfied with being here and with what I am accomplishing. Is it possible to be negative in a town where sandal-weather lasts into November and in a school where small orange kittens emerge out of niches in the wall during your lecture on the Turkish War of Independence? Yet with the recent birth of my little sister, the opportunity to live in an apartment situation this spring, and many other exciting prospects, I am already looking forward to the future.

Satisfaction in the present + hope for the future must be some kind of a formula for happiness.

What are you looking forward to?


One thought on “Life update

  1. Martin Huennekens November 6, 2010 / 12:29 pm

    Seeing you.


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