the world is boring

Most of the world, just like your neighborhood, is pretty boring. It can be amazingly interesting, but to the locals, they just go about living their lives. –Gary Arndt

Read the 19 other lessons that seasoned traveler Gary Arndt learned from three years on the road. Most of them are more insightful and useful than the one I have chosen, but I liked the perspective-shift that this lesson offered.

The woman in the photo is weaving a rug in a carpet boutique near the Sultanahmet area in Istanbul. She worked three months to produce the tiny bit of carpet pictured–if you can even see it. As she worked, her hands fluttered over the loom’s heddle wires, wrapping colored thread and then clipping the thread to the proper length. In one day she may produce three very thin rows. It will take one year for her to finish the entire carpet.

Photo by Gina, a fellow classmate in my program and also a fellow blogger…because I was too busy checking out the rugs and trying to speak Turkish with the kind and voluble hanımefendi at the loom.

Daha çok Istanbul hakkinda daha sonra.


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