Why is it that the media and advertising surround us by sex, but we cannot seem to have candid and intelligent discussions about it? Why is watching murder more acceptable than watching scenes of intercourse? Why do so few movies feature female leads? Why does masturbation remain such a taboo subject? Why does racism still measurably and adversely affect millions of lives? Why do borders still exist?

When I think of all the ways that our attitudes and behaviors and habits of consumptions are circumscribed by senseless social norms and received “wisdom” and “common sense”.. my chest tightens up and constricts into a tangle of confusion and worry. Society is an imaginary construction that arises out of human cognition, built up of a complex network of interlinked and overlapping linguistic relationships.

And this is the best we could come up with?

When I feel anxious about these ambiguities and complexities, there are certain moments I recall or seek out. The times when we sink into a darkened forest and tell secrets at the edge of the lake. When we ascend onto a sunsetty roof and watch dusk cloak the city. When we dance in the middle of the street. When we climb to a plateau on the edge of the subdivision, take off our clothes, and bathe our skin in moonlight.

It doesn’t solve anything, but sometimes a little lunacy just feels like the most sane response to the world.

Image via Muses of Humanity


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