iyi yolucuklar!

Got my visa, got my ticket… After dreaming about this for two years, I am going to Turkey (next month, that is).

Here is a description of the place where I will be studying, as penned by the individuals who bought the estate, lived in it, and then donated it to Georgetown University:

…we passed the house which would, seventeen years later, be our home, but we do not remember it. I can only remember the fantastic view of Alanya and the bay from the road in front of the house, the classic view of Alanya… The view from the fortress looks directly across the Mediterranean toward Cyprus, which is just beyond view, and both east and west along the southern Turkish coast. It is indeed breathtaking; today it draws tens of thousands of tourists every summer, as we know only too well, since they must pass by our house. (Life in Alanya: Turkish Delight, by George and Cecilia McGhee)

Am daydreaming about the other places I will visit while in the area… The cities, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya… Roman ruins at Termessos, Perge, Side… Other countries, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Syria, maybe Azerbaijan…

To that end, I am toning down my blogging presence a slight bit (no more drawing, no more Language Pulsations) so I can focus on other things. Fantasizing, preparing, researching, socializing, babysitting, working, dancing… Life is busy and good.



2 thoughts on “iyi yolucuklar!

  1. Austin Yoder July 18, 2010 / 6:06 pm


    I’m so glad to hear you got your visa! Were there any crazy hoops to jump through? I have no idea how the Turkish embassy works in terms of efficiency.

    Glad also to hear that life is good (including the dancing). You’ll have to show me some moves in the ten days we’re in DC at the same time before you leave! haha. Will be sad to see your blogging presence toned down, but it seems like it’s for a good cause.

    Miss you!


    • C. Puls July 21, 2010 / 2:35 am

      Dear Austin,
      RE Turkish visa, the application process was smooth and non-crazy except for one kink: the embassy of turkey’s website does not disclose its visa processing fee, which seems to fluctuate year by year. (Of course calling the embassy is futile unless you enjoy being led down an endless regress of answering machines.) According to my OIP rep, last year’s fee was thirty bucks, so that’s what I sent. In fact, this year’s fee was twice that amount.

      RE salsa: Yes, I actually managed to internalize the basic salsa rhythm, steps, and turns, which I will gladly share with you next month. I was told that you received impromptu salsa training on cinco de mayo. which might help you keep up;)

      Miss you too my dear!


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