La Hormiguita por Juan Luis Guerra

One of my favorite songs. It is lighthearted, romantic, and cerebral all at once.

Eres como una hormiguita
que me besa y me pica
que recorre mi espalda
y se acuesta en mi barba
a estudiar geografía.

You are like a tiny ant
who kisses and bites me,
who runs up my back
and lies down in my beard
to study geography.

Juan Luis Guerra is a talented and highly acclaimed Dominican singer and songwriter. His quintessential song, “Ojalá Que Llueva Café” (“I hope it rains coffee”), was a superhit in Latin America… and it tends to appear in introductory and intermediate Spanish language classes because it so prominently features use of the subjunctive mood.

Now the song makes me want to go to the seaside and soak my dreams.


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