Children’s book

A couple of pages from a children’s book I illustrated a few years ago. The individual who commissioned me was the one who wrote the story while I copyedited, laid out the pages, drew the pictures, and arranged the text. The illustrations are certainly not sophisticated but at least I had a strategy. I tried to pick a predominant color for each spread and then use that color in the background and shading.

My forever-long obsession with graphic novels reveals itself in few speech balloons or sequential illustrations that appear on a couple pages. And my desire to integrate the texts and the pictures (rather than put the text on one side and the illustrations on the other side like most children’s books) was also inspired by comic books.

Even though being an artist, illustrator, or comic artist would be an absorbing and genuine life for me, I would not be able to stand sitting still at a drafting table or computer all day every day.


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